I started working with Coach Nate in November 2012 after a couple of failed attempts at Ironman.  Sooo happy he is my coach!  Nate gives me very comprehensive training plans that are focus based…every training day has a focus detail…no “junk” miles.  He takes into account my strengths, areas to work on, very busy race schedule and personal obligations to family and work.  He is a very encouraging and positive type coach and will make adjustments to my training plan as needed.  Coach Nate is very good at following up on me!  He wants to know how things are going, how I am feeling, what is working, what I need help with, all to help tailor my personalized plan.

I have had and continue to have great results with Coach Nate.  I finished Ironman TexasAngel May 2013!  I have achieved numerous PR’s in running and triathlons.   He is currently training me for my first 100 mile endurance run attempt in Feb 2014…so supportive, he is even coming out to be my crew chief!  I hope to update this next month with a photo of my finisher buckle!

-Angel B., Colorado


I have referenced Coach Nate for every aspect of triathlon.  He has an abundance of triathlon knowledge, and his support is incomparable. He recently helped me with a swim analysis video, and his techniques are paying great dividends in the water. If you are time crunched, looking to take your triathlon to the next level, or looking for beginner advice regarding triathlon, you want Coach Nate on your team.

-Jordan Olson, Midshipman, United States Naval Academy


I began training for my first marathon in November 2012 using an online training plan.  In February 2013, I ran my first marathon and then in April, I ran my second.  By that time, I was plagued by injuries and unsure if I should continue putting more stress on my body until a friend told me about Nate Dicks.  I was unsure how the training would work as we live in different states, but I decided to give it a try.  In June, I began training with Nate and since then I have run 4 more marathons along with other races of varying distances.  Nate not only took the time to get to know me; but, he also customized a training plan that fit my lifestyle.  Following his coaching and training plan, I have been able to remain injury-free while achieving personal bests and qualifying for Boston.  Through coaching, open communication and feedback he continues to enable me to maximize my ability and reach my full potential.  As an athlete, he is helping me to reach my goals with each race I run and has given me the edge to compete.

-Patti S., Texas